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Jul 7, 2001
Welcome aboard sider34. It will be nice to see an Idaho-boy that can actually kill something.
Nah Moosie as he is the one who invited me here. Lets wait and see how he is first. i might be able to handle him myself here in a minute after I finish my smoke.LOL Thanks for the invite.
I invited you ?!?!! UHHHH Now I'm going to have to pretend I know who you are !!! Where did I invite you from ? I have invited about 6,000 people and you're the first to show up, You'd think I'd remember ?!?!

BAd Moosie.. Bad Moosie
give me a clue !!

Welcome Aboard Regardless that I'm a Dumb ASS
Nice Sig BTW !!!
Welcome aboard. Thats another Idahoan, wahoo. This one actually kills big things though.
Here's a clue, reading comprehension.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Nah Moosie as he is the one who invited me here. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Man I love being a dick.
Moosie. MT is the one that invited me to your forum. Not you just him.LOL Yes from Idaho and bow and rifle hunt here. 3 yrs archery hunting and so far 3 for 3. I love the archery units in Idaho. Later.
WElcome aboard Super. Hey I have a question for you. Do you hunt in Unit 53? and if so can you give me a place that I can start scouting to find some elk because me and my Dad would like to hunt Bull elk next Year and that unit looks like it will be the best unit to hunt and far as hunting opinions and season length for the tag. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


Oh and I geuss we need to get some glasses for Moosie so that he can read the screen better.
Yes I hunt in unit 53. I have seen some elk down by Horizon dairy and they just had to shoot a bull that was wild that was trying to get in with domestic elk. they where afraid of the disease thing. There is a farmer down on the other side of Kamima butte that takes huge bulls every 3-4 yrs off his farm. I took a 6x6 in 36 in 99 and took it to Intermountain Taxidermist and he had a 8x9 in there with main beams I couldnt get both hands around. So to find them is kinda a on and off thing. they could be anywhere down there as the deer are. I have taken 3 bucks from unit 53 and I go out there about 40-60 times every year. Almost every day but I do make it out there 4 times a week. Depending on what I am seeing. This unit is not as productive as you think for elk. there are some monsters there but it's finding them that is difficult. They usually stay in the corn fields. Then they seem to vanish after they cut it. Also a girl in 99 (16 yrs old)took a 7x8 as her Dad worked at Horizon Dairy. Her Dad made her a seat on a pivot and she rode it around and shot that bull. She radioed her dad and he came out gutted it and hooked it up to the pivot and had it rotate fast and backed his truck under it and drove it home whole. So if you got in tight with the people at Horizon or any farmers out there maybe they can point you in the right direction as to where they are. I saw a 6x6 up by Shoshone but he was alone and it was in April or something like that. Brother saw a 5x5 by there also last year but was way before season during wintering.So if you wanted to scout out by Kamima Butte then that is the only thing I could advise you on.
Ahhhh that old School english kicks me in the Butt Every time... I just realised "HE" wasn't "ME" even though I was Mensioned first in the Topic Implying "HE" was "ME"... So NOW I see that He ain't me but more of a She ... So it was MT miller
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