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Weekend Warrior Folds under Pressure

William Christy

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Dec 19, 2000
So on the 2nd to last night out bear hunting, we spot a large sow with 2 small cubs. WW asks, "So.. do they weigh 75lbs?"



They were this year's cubs, quite small, maybe 35lbs or so. WW couldn't bring himself to go and harvest one. Of course he wanted to ...but he would have lost hunting priveldges for a couple years most likely, meaning the legal harvest of an 76-85lb 2-year old bear would have to be postponed for a few seasons and that would be a real bummer.

Stay tuned to see the fringe benefits of hunting Spring Black bear in Yellowstone National Park.
So.... you hiked with W.W. ?!!? I hear he doesn't hike the hills very well. Spends more time at the bars looking for chicks or Guys that dress like chicks. You didn't have to wait for him at the tops of the hills,, DID YA ?!?! ;)

Go on, tell the rest of the story.....
W.W. is a limp-wristed fairy hiker.

"You gotta stop, I'm starting to puke."

haha. Had he had more energy drinks like I did, he'd of been fine. Busch Lite is a fine pre-workout formula.

My guess is W.W. should go get into shape.. perhaps take a trip to Utah and get smoked in the hills by Pussyman. That name alone will motivate him far more than his Richard Simmons workout tapes. :D
Grenhorn, I hear you are faster becasue of your en-ergy Drinks.. Kind of gives you the "RUNS" up the hills, or at least late at night :D :D HAHA !!!

TELL W.W. when I'm there I'll be hiking his Pansey butt into the hils, I seen him skiing down that little hill on the tape of y'alls... humph.. I hike stuff like that for warmups.... that elevation could only be like 8-9 thousand feet..... WHAT a WUSSY

I admit it! I am a puss. In fact, I really doubt I will do much more elk or bear hunting because of my pot belly and chicken legs. About the only thing left for me is becoming a houndsman and running cats. I figure I can get one of those hats with the 2 beer holders and straws and I should be good to go.
The benifits of bear hunting in Yellowstone is in the Spring Bone thread in elk. Damn there's lots of bears and antlers in the Park. The Gardiner River drainage ROCKS! :D :D
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