Warm and slow in SD


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Jul 7, 2001
Well I was all fired up to hunt in western SD this year. We passed on alot of decent bucks last year and figured we would reap the rewards this year. Well most of the land we hunted was closed to us this year. It belongs to a large company around here and they decided they would allow their employees to hunt it this year. I guess it is their right, but kind of put the kabosh on my hunt (yes I am whining).

We have been hunting some other areas, but mostly just running into little bucks. I rattled in a 110-120" buck last night, but decided to let him grow up. At least that is my hope, we will see what kind of attitude I will have in a couple of days.

This morning was uneventful except for a medium muley and two 'yotes that we dumped. One of the vermin was manged up and looked even worse when we found that the bullet went in behind the shoulder and out the front of his face.

Hope everyone else is having better luck.
Sorry to hear about your luck. Which county were you playing in. It is getting real hard around here to find good places to hunt. I am from the east side of the state. Lately I have been just going muzzle loader season. Doe's only, but no one else out to deal with. Good luck if you head out again.
I am hunting Meade Co. Went out this morning and no luck. I did get to see a good meteor (sp) shower, but that was about it. Maybe this afternoon will be better. It is still better than being at work.
Well I hope your luck changes.
The worst day hunting is better then the best day at work. I have this saying on my compute at work. I get to chase this weekend.
Sorry you lost your hunting spot Brad. The land we were planning to hunt has been owned by Homestake for many years, but they didn't hunt it and the leasee let us on last year. Seems they decided to hunt it this year.

I shot my buck last night. He is no monster, but is a 19" (inside) 5x4. I saw him bed in fence row and finally got within 40 yards after I was forced to turn back on two other stalk attempts. I could only see his head and horns and when I whistled he turned and I put one a couple of inches below his skull. This made it tough to get some tasteful pictures, but I should get them developed by tomorrow and see how they turned out.

I only had a whitey tag, but my buddy has a muley tag. He picked up a nice non-typical shed this spring, but we have yet to find the owner this season. Not many muleys in this new area and we have only seen a couple of 20" 4 points.
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