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Wanted Alaska Moose Hunting Partner 2004


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Jun 3, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
I plan on spending 6 weeks in the southwest interior of Alaska, next summer, using Dillingham as my base; three trips of about 12 days each. The second will be for moose. But my companion for the moose hunt had to cancel. We had planned to hunt moose from a canoe. The pilot will drop us off on a remote river and pick us up 12 days later, further down the river. My companions for the other two trips are still in a go status so I'm looking for a hunting partner to join me for the moose hunt.

Mutual compatibility will be very important to our enjoyment of the trip. So if you are interested, write me an e-mail. We can correspond to see if we might be able to get along. [email protected]

You can learn a little about me from my web pages. My old web page contains several articles that I wrote a few years ago.

I posted a new web page when we bought a second home in the mountains.

KC Keen

An unguided drop camp costs about $1,500 for bush pilot and camp gear. The same scope of services will cost about half that, for this do-it-ourselves hunt. All the other costs are about ythe same.

Nonresident moose season this year was from September 5th thru 15th. Probably about the same next year.

Each person pays their own airfare to Anchorage and Dillingham. Alaska Airlines has regularly scheduled flights to Dillingham.

This year a nonresident hunting license costs $85 and a nonresident moose tag costs about $350.

Each person brings their own food.

We provide our own personal gear and I can provide all the group gear like tent, stove, etc.

The bush pilot will cost from $800 to $1,000 depending on location of drop. Each person would pay half of that ($400 to $500 each for bush pilot).

We can rent a canoe from the bush pilot for $20/day and split that cost. We each bring one of those $50 wal mart rafts which we fill with moose meat and float down the river to the pickup point ($170/each for watercraft).

Most unguided drop camps cost about $1,500 for bush pilot and camp gear without raft or canoe. This do-it-ourselves hunt will cost about $600 to $700 each for the same stuff plus we get a canoe.

We probably should count on a night at a motel on the way in and on the way out. That's probably going to cost about $100/night.

Add some miscellaneous costs for meat prep, a couple of 100 quart coolers, trinkets and cafe food.

Here's what I'm guessing it's going to cost.

R/T airfare home to Dillingham $1,000
Hunting license & tag $ 435
Bush Pilot $ 500
Watercraft $ 170
Motel $ 200
Meat prep, cafe, coolers, etc. $ 195

LBG.. I've pulled off Bigger Feat's
I'm guessing it's a NO GO, I got plans next year. But ya never know now huh