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Nov 28, 2001
I found this and there is some very good info in it. You will have to read clear to the bottom to see the best parts..You will not be disapointed...It is very good...

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(3/21/02 8:26:58 pm)
Reply in your opinion?
what is the most impotant factor in hunting elk& dont say there has to be elk there.

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(3/21/02 11:46:29 pm)
Re: in your opinion?

Being in good physical shape so one can meet the demands of a hunt.

I'm still just a rookie, but from watching others this past fall I learned that you can hunt in the best area, have the best equipment, be the best shot..... and none of it will matter if you can't do whats necessary to get to where the elk are.

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(3/22/02 6:22:38 pm)
Reply Re: in your opinion?
Carry oxygen...

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(12/3/02 4:23:34 pm)
Reply .....
What Yoop said.....

What Shecat said.....

And not get discouraged after a few days of no can turn on a dime and usually does.....

Oh, .and getting a little ways from other hunters greatly improves your chances......

Sorry Brike, I know you said "the" most important thing

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(12/3/02 7:32:53 pm)
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To me it's the pre-season scouting. If your exploring the terrain, looking for sign, You know just learning the place, your wasting hunting time.

I know if you live out of state this is hard to do,maby even impossible. But knowing where they are and where they might go is very important.

Yes I saw that you said not to say this. But I honestly think thats the most important thing.

Second to that, I would say knowing your weapon of choice. I run into people all the time that have no idea what thier rifle will or wont do. How much will it drop if your shooting up hill. how much will it rise if your shooting down hill. How much will it drop at 300 yds, 400 yds. how high is it at 100 yds. What happens if you have to shoot through brush, Tree branches ect...

Alot of people actually get shots and miss because they only practice at ranges.

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(12/4/02 11:54:57 pm)
Reply Brike.. it's what you said...
Elk have to be there.

When I hunt, I know for certain, there are big bulls around hiding...somewhere. Finding them is real tough though and if you haphazardly wander through the woods.. give yourself about 10 years to bump into one.

There are a lot of places (general big areas) that I wouldn't bother hunting.. odds are way against you for a big bull. They need protection of some sort from hunting pressure to get big. I'm not talking about any elk.. just the really old smart mature bulls that pull away and hide from the crowds... unless you are hunting mid September, at that time, you just go find the cows. Before say Sept 10th and after about Oct 10th... give or take a few days.. you need to know where the big bull pastures are.

Then you got some other hurdles once you know that. Knowing where they like to eat and sleep. Once you figure out where they spend thier time eating and snoozing, you need to be in good enough shape, have the right equipment and attitude and know how to go get them.

On a typical SW Montana hunt, I will start in the dark and make it to place A, the best one I know of, hunt it from the right direction at daylight, then if nothing... go to place B, C, D, and so on.. not goosing the elk out of there hidey holes unless you can't help it. Be in a place at daybreak and at dusk where you can glass key feeding areas. The rest of the day, keep the wind in your face.

Sounds simple and it is.. just be able to cover ground like a madman.. The key is hunting the right general area the elk are at, then knowing where they eat and sleep, then hitting all the right spots at the right time.. the right way, as many places as possible per day.

Since the 1999 season there has been only one day of elk hunting where I have not at least seen one mature 6X6 bull or better. I hunt elk a lot and I guess I think I'm onto something.

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(12/5/02 8:54:50 pm)
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I'm writing it down!....could you post another paragraph or two!

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