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Unfriendly??? (long)


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Feb 10, 2003
Seattle, Washington
A while back I recieved an e-mail myself...

I also wasn't going to show it to anyone, but I think it appropriate that I now do so.
It's easier for me to do it here and this way, then to send many e-mails to many different staffers of these BBs. And I wouldn't want to be accused of going behind anyone's back... there isn't anything I'd say about someone in private I wouldn't say to their face.

I've had enough. Your vendetta against Slydog and Seldom Ever has to stop. The shit's getting out of hand on Huntalk. I don't have time to wade thru all the name calling and trolls stirring up shit. Please either stay and try to be constructive, or find another home. I'm not upset or chooosing sides in any argurment. I am trying to do my job as moderator.
(note to [email protected]: this is "the list" you asked about... I tried to e-mail you, but I guess it's the appropriate time for that answer too... still wanna be on the list?)

I won't bother to get into launching any attacks here or anywhere else, but I have to agree with what Delw and Leonard have had to say.... you and your "friends" (of which I thought I was) are running members off of this board with your unfriendly attitudes, and exclusionary tactics.... how do you think it'd feel to be left out?

And like was stated so many times since you guys got your private playground this forum would be left open for whatever badmouthing or flaming was to happen (and a place where grown ups wouldn't cry over it)... but now you censor, delete, and ask those who thought they were already being constructive to "find another home"...

You know what, Doug? I found another home about the same time I found this place, and I was treated like shit by some of "your friends" there... as I have been here... but I was never treated that way by the boss (of Leonard's or Moosie's for that matter).

I have to wonder how many others there are, who like me have been asked to "take up residence" someplace else?
Through all this bullshit I have to also wonder if your were asked to no longer go to Leonard's board over this?
And do you deny that Slydog has been a huge problem for you? If you like being a "target by association" you're a sick man (joke).
You accuse Leonard of using his board to launch an attack on Slydog.... meanwhile you are clearly taking sides on this issue.
And you have used this forum to attack him?!?

I haven't been in your private little place, (I seriously doubt Slydog's gonna give me a password), and like Mark Twain said "I wouldn't want to be part of any club who'd have me as a member"... but I say "I sure don't want to beg my way into a club who purposely excluded me"...
I have to wonder what kind of attacking of those who cannot defend themselves goes on there, as much as I have to wonder what "golden nuggets of knowledge" we out here in the cold are missing out on.

This exclusion makes all the BBs less "habitable"... I can say that I have a lot less "friendly" feeling towards those I know are part of the "core group" of the clique you all denied the existance of... before you were not only exposed for just that, but then ironically rewarded for that by being given your own clubhouse?!?

I always got punished for being bad as a kid???

From what I know about BBs, if you piss off the Admins long enough, even if you are the moderator of one of the more obsucure forums they boot your ass.... (voice of experience)

I am not a troll, and I resent Doug's implication that I am one, I have never called anyone a name on this board (I did once in chat, but I was provoked into it, for that person's entertainment... and I did apologize)... and most of all I thought it was my abilty to stir the pot a little, and actively participate on the board, that was the original reason for the invitation to join this board.
And when I was invited, while being trashed by the moderator of another board, I was told something like that would never happen here.... and yet somehow Slydog's vendetta against me (for some, unknown to me, time when I hurt his feelings saying his answer wasn't clear enough to me, because he cannot write well) has now caused me to no longer be welcome (at least in your club).

I sincerely hope the bosses here figure this out soon, and that you moderators get it figured out that you work for the administration, not the other way around.... until then I still feel no need to post to this board on a regular basis.
And I do not see the possibilty for this place being friendly at all.

Not sharing your toys, is not very friendly.

Let the flaming of me begin...


P.S. I tried to be as constructive as possible.
And Delw said I could post whatever I wanted to, as soon as I felt I was ready to come back.

P.P.S. Sorry this is so long but this has been eating at me for a few weeks now.


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Nov 21, 2001
Now that you got that off your chest...
feels good doesn't it

Krusty...alot of forums have private or member only forums. So like Moosie stated in a few posts..."just pretend its not there."

I seldom make a constructive post in any topic...I usually make a joke or make light of a situation...thats just me and most people know that. Do they like it...who cares
I have fun and thats the bottom line

It is human nature to talk about people...especially behind ones back
but it sure makes life interesting!


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Jul 15, 2003
Oh, boy, this is better than a double-dip at Baskin Robbins!

KrustyKlimber isn't going to post here anymore, and neither is Rich Crank!!

Too dang sweet!!!
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