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Treeing Bears With Tobey !!!

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
2 days with Tobey and 2 treed bears. Man I had a great time Dale. That was one super run today wasnt it ??
I will write up the story later but I will tell you guys now that Tobey likes to get the truck as close to the bear as possible,even before they are treed.Talk about dropping in on the brawl !!!!
Guys it dont get much better than it was this morning !!!!!
George Ranger is still barking at that bear!!! I think we made a bear dog out of him yesterday.He woke me up at 4 this morning to say its time to go again. It sure is fun to run with another houndsman and no sports for a few days.Just like going on vacation for me.Bruzer when't south shortly after you left and Sally is for sale if you here of anyone looking.
Tobey I had a ball up there.It feels exactly the same for me too,vacation!!! You know I only take a handfull of sports a year but it is still some hard at times.Sure is nice to just be along with a fellow houndsman where I dont have to be the one in charge and doing everything myself all the time.It was really neat to sit in the truck sometimes and watch you run the tracker.99.9% of the time it is me doing that.
I was really impressed with that ranger dog yesterday,along with all your other dogs.For ranger to be that intense when he hadnt even had a kill yet is some impressive.When the gun went off and the bear hit the ground in front of him it was like a bomb going off in his head.He had a look in his eye that seemed to say"this is what I am on this earth for",kind of like when I was in high school and took my first girlfriend for a ride down by the sandpits,well thats another story.LOL
I had a hard strike from the paved road shortly after i left your house.I tried to call you on the cell phone but it wouldnt go through.Let me know if you still have bears coming and want to run a day or 2 this week.My moose hunters start next sat so as long as I have thurs and friday to finish scouting I should be all set.
What was Davids moose like ????
Going to try and post pic of Tobey,his dogs and the bear we took yesterday.
YOU GUYS ARE MAKIN ME JEALOUS!!!!! Been cuttin mooses and makin paper 20 hrs a day for a week.Cut up 9 moose today and its a damn good thing 2 was yerlins.LOL LOL Hittin the woods tonite with the young feller and a pal for a coon ride.Gotta go with someone else cause my hands have been asleep for 3 days and I dont think I could hold the gun still enuff to shoot a 22.LOL Take care men.
Oh I forgot to add that I cant believe your still makin a bear dog outa Ranger when you were so close to havin him drive the truck.ROFL ROFL

Here's the monster George and I treed yesterday.Me Mayo Lucy Roxy and Ranger.
Maineiac I don't mind Ranger driving but I wiss you haden't tought him to talk.He keeps thretening to tell momma where I realy go when we are suposto be hunting LOL
Really nice pic Dale.I know you an George had a blast an wish I woulda been part of it.But there's always next time.LOL Now you know I would never teach a hound how to talk.Knowin Ranger like I do,it was prolly the wife that taught him how to talk while I was workin the nite shift and he was keepin my side of the bed warm.ROFL The jokes always on me.Glad he's startin to crank for ya.
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