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Travelling overseas with guns

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Aug 1, 2012
New Hampshire
So, headed to New Zealand in three weeks and I thought I had everything in order until I read this post last night by Kiwi on another forum. Can anyone help? Very confusing and has me a little freaked out. Found this article today which helps some. Border view, having trouble posting link. Anyone travel overseas recently? Any issues ?
Sounds like we're leaving about the same time, I too will be heading there in 3 weeks. I bought my airfare back in November and I paid then for excess baggage fees ( double gun case ) just yesterday I emailed the NZ police to cancel my firearm import request, I will be taking my bow instead and borrowing a rifle & shotgun from some kiwi mates.
Well if I can navigate all this BS I'll have two rifles if you need to borrow one. You still looking for heli mates? Will be on wet side around the 20th or so, then down to Fiordland for week three.
Plans could change but as of now I plan to start off bowhunting chamois on the westcoast, then we'll be hooking up with a kiwi to hunt tahr on the east side 18-22 and we're still weighing options, 4x4 or helicopter. Then waterfowl 23-26.
Sounds like my trip, just different order. Canterbury for Tahr, then down to where I bumped into Les for Chamois and Tahr. Waterfowl allitle further down the coast, then deer, wapiti in Fiordland. Maybe cross paths? Landing CC sat the 16th. Leaving June 4. Luv to have heli drop J Scott but my sons graduation present chewing up most of the piggies in the bank already back to the subject, how hard have you looked into the gun issue? Called them today and was on hold for good hour before I got impatient
I tried navigating the website but was quickly discouraged.
I tried navigating the website but was quickly discouraged.

Yeah, you and everybody else too. There's lots of talk about it on My dates are; arrive CHCH 14th and depart 27th. Wish I could stay longer but in order to convince a friend to go with me I made it a 2 week trip.
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