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Trapping=Constitutional (MT HB 212)


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Dec 10, 2010
Bozeman, MT
Well I just got the latest "End-of-the-World, MT is a bunch of knuckle draggers" message from a relative/wolf advocate: HB 212 has been transmitted to the governor for signing. Obviously it is to prevent the end-around being attempted by the wolf advocates et al to eliminate the tool of trapping.

HB 212 Reaffirms "that trapping is a form of hunting protected under MT Constitution."

The text is here: From what I can tell it just inserts the word "harvest" in a few key areas, presumably to make it more closely match the wording of the constitution.

I heard about this bill early on, but figured it died since I hadn't heard anything from either side. No maniacal letters in the Bozeman paper or anything. So what is up? Is this meaningful? Controversial? Will Bulock sign it?
I have no idea if it would change anything or if it would/wouldn't stop attempts to eliminate trapping as a means of wolf harvest. That is up to the attorneys to opine.

Personally, as someone who does a lot of trapping, I hope the Gov signs the bill.
The only buzz seems to be on the anti-trapping sites. Here is a gem from a facebook site
YOU are the most evil people I know who come to a state as awful as this to kill animals...God Will persecute you some day for this traggic thing you do to his creations...All animals are protected by God who created these animals. You are Pure evil....rot in H.

Not that the anti-wolf folks can't make hunters look equally idiotic. :D
If you all have been watching the state news papers and the opinion articles, since this bill came about, almost once a week there is an oppinion against trapping, the Missoulian holds top honor for radicals
The fact that the most extreme anti trapping and hunting organizations are totally against this bill serves to give us all a wake up call and support this bill.

See MSA's web site on FB and follow the directions to give your support.

MSA was one of the Groups supporting this bill all the way through.

So was Ravalli County Fish & Wildlife ass.

Thanks Robert, I agree. I couldn't get your link to the Montana Sportsmens alliance facebook to work, but this one should work: Remind me to send you guys some more money ;).
Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Assoc. will be asking Bullock again to sign.
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