To stalk or not to stalk...(pics)


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Aug 14, 2001
I've been watching this cinnamon on a power line, on the other side of this HOLE for a couple of weeks, but it's too small to chase, even with my bow. Well last night, with 30 min of light left, I glassed the hill and spotted what I thought was a decent boar in it's spot (finally...)

Well I jumped on down that hole, crossed the ragin' creek and got half way up the other side before I puked up my first lung.
By the time I stopped gasping enough steady my bino's, I realized it was that same one I'd been watchin' FFFF....(Doh!)

Well, after I'd dragged my sorry ass this far, his rug started lookin' mighty nice...I had the wind, so I grunted it out and belly crawled the last 20 yards to close the gap to where I could hear him chewing....I raised my bow and...

Here's the HOLE looking back, (that pink thing on the road is my left lung)...

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SHOOT now...

You wanna piece of this???

COULDN'T DO IT... (he's lucky MOOSIE wasn't there)
but at least I have a GOOD excuse to buy a new SPOTTING SCOPE

I've got some video, but don't know how to post it?

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Hey, that is a great story and the pictures add to the whole thing. Hopefully patience pays off and you get the big one.

As for the Moosie comment, I would like to laugh and join in on the funny, but if I end up shooting Boo-Boo in two weeks I had better stay on his good side.

Hopefully someone can help you with the video. I would love to see it.

BTW, since I am a neophyte when it comes to bears, how big would you say that guy was? Looks like you were close enough to throw a scale under him.
Thanks for the cool bear pics. I hope the one you want comes along for you. Having never gotten a bear before, I would have nailed it.
That bear is probably bigger then most I've killed... Is it around 100#'s ya'd say ?!?!

Cool story, If you were a little closer, I'd be your Film crew Every day !! I love that chit !!