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Time for the SECRET WEAPON!

The Hedgehog

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Dec 19, 2000
That's right... tomorrow, for the 1st time this Spring.. I'm wearing the lucky blue and white paisely briefs!!

The bear has no chance. I saw two lunkers this evening.. I hope to slay the bigger of the two sometime tomorrow.
Can't wait for the pics Greenhorn. thanx for letting me borrow them this spring, Sorry it took so long to get back to ya with them, I had to dry clean them and power wash them...

Hope they still work for ya ;) Good luck bro !!!!
No luck on the bears anyway. I did make a haul on elk antlers, my best ever day.

I found the antlers of the bull that was running with the one I killed last fall. He's a 350+ 7X7, very massive, probably 12lbs a side. Also found 4 other 6 point horns.