Thumper..........your pup Ears


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Feb 8, 2001
Got some good pic. of Ears hope you like them



this next one shows how big he is the pup behined him is his brother, that is the one I got


:D :D Cathunt
Aint puppies cute....:D

Looks like a good one to me Thump! I will have my first tree dog in about two months. Got a puppy reserved. Just waiting on it to arrive....
Thanks a Ton Cathunt-MT, Not only does he have an attitude look about him but permanent black eye to boot :D

I know me and ol'ears will be making some music before long. Man, I was told he was a wonderful looking hound, but damn! I am excited. Something about that (piss off look and black eye tells me he's a good un'
Thanks Cathunt and Cuz n's for selecting me da pick o' da litter :D I am in tears,
Now got to call up and ask Big D,Ghost and cuz to write a ballard tune about "Ear's"
So cute,makes me want to go out and get a puppy---Steve hates it when I see cute puppys.
I do miss that puppy breath :D :D
Had to loo at the entire picture. man would ya look at the size of his feet! Just something about the look in his eyes tells me he is going to be a hell raiser and a hard tree dog!
Cuz, ya got to let me take him up into the wilderness with us! (PLEASE) :D

Deb told me why you selected him! I tell ya it runs in the genes *L*
He is a walker And my pup is great with my 3 yearold son Bcat could tell you if they are when they get older. But I think it is how they are raised If they are around kids alot they will be fine.