Thoughts on UHD


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Oct 29, 2018
The product's for hunting and shooting are so advanced these days it is pathetic. We actually seldom find real difference's but rather we find difference's that actually have little difference in the end result. If you compare the average hunter's $200 scope to an expensive Night Force will the Night Force actually offer the average guy any advantage? I don't think so. Seem's I read that the average shot on say a deer is 200 yds!
You also looked at a three shot group that would be a new world record if it had been a five shot group at a sanctioned match, and wondered just how good that rifle would shoot if I shot some cheaper bullets through it...

I can see deer at over a mile with Japanese 8x32 binos. I can accurately judge a deer’s rack only as far as 300ish yards with those same binos, and have gone on some very long and disappointing jaunts as a result. I can also shoot pretty small groups with fixed 4X and fixed 6X scopes, but after shooting what I believe was the smaller deer by mistake(although still quite nice) I have stopped deer hunting open country with a fixed 6x42. Not every purpose requires extremely good glass or high magnification, and not everyone can afford it(particularly not me), however if you can afford it, it has its purposes and it’s benefits. If you’re like me, you can occasionally find some bargain basement prices if you keep your eyes open.