Thoughts on moving to British Columbia???

Joe Hulburt

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Feb 23, 2012
Oregon Coast
I'm 14 months away from being able to retire from my current profession and have been pondering the idea of moving to BC and becoming a permanent resident for a few years at least. BC had a lot of species of animals I really want to hunt and will never be able to afford unless I can go DIY.

I just barely started looking into it but it appears very simple to apply for permanent residency and be able to hunt on resident tags.

Has anybody here on Hunt Talk made that move? Any BC residents care to comment on the cost of living and availability of work? I will only be 50 when I am eligible to retire and intend to do something else to supplement the meager retirement I will have and to pay for taxidermy bills. :)

Any thoughts on the subject or info from people who have made that move???
jobs are scarse, but the province is incredibly beautiful. Probably easier to get residency when noting you are retired, vs saying you want to work without giving us canadaians the same chances stateside for equal oppertunity employment. maybe take up taxidermy and cut down your costs that way? Us buying property in the us denoting we are retired and will not be a hinderance on the system is way easier than denoting your special abilities that are not easy to find within the local employment office.
Also, remember in the BC regs it states that even though you may be considered a permanent resident, you must spend more than half of the yr living in BC as Mr. Jim Shockey found out when he won a provincial special authorization only to find out that he had spent a few weeks extra that yr out of province hunting and was not allowed to accept the authorization. he was honest about it, which showed what a great man he is as a spokesman for the community
Thanks for the info Bonedogg! I would intend to be there most of the year to enjoy what the area has to offer.

My wife and I are headed up there in a few weeks for a visit and I'm really looking forward to it.