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Thoughts on a Bear hunt.


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Aug 9, 2012
After several hunts over the years my dad has never been lucky enough to get a chance on a bear. I've killed a good MT black bear my self and gotten a couple buddies on good bears but haven't been able to make it happen for my dad. I'm considering doing a guided hunt maybe over bait. Possibly Canada or Minnesota. Dad is in his 60's hes very fit for his age but is past the point of wanting to hike 20 miles a day. We live in eastern MT and don't mind traveling. Kinda looking for a more relaxed hunt that him and I could enjoy together. Any and all ideas and references are appreciated. Fall would be the best time for us because of the spring work here on the ranch.

I suppose I should throw out that I'm also not against a MT bear hunt if someone want to throw out an idea. We have horses that have been to the mountains and on back country pack in hunts so that's an option if someone has an idea like this too. These are a lot more work but will consider anything at this point.. You guys on here have always been good to give great ideas and they are all appreciated.
I've hunted with Turnpike Ridge Outfitters several times and Don takes great care of you. Not a demanding hunt at all. Beautiful place with great food, lots of bears, and good people. Best of luck in your search. Good huntin'
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Don guides hunters in the North Maine woods near Ashland. Place is called Salmon Pool and your stay is in rustic cabins right along the creek.
Allagash Guide service in Allagash Me. does a great job with great results and reasonable rates.
If it were me I'd just hunt western MT DIY...No need to hike 20 miles a day at all. Heck, the last bear I shot I rolled in the truck whole. You could have a good hunt glassing clearings and walking gated forest service roads just about anywhere.
If I were to hunt another state other than my home state of Michigan ,it would be Maine.
I have taken several bears in MN. It is an easy hunt the way we did it. We did our self guided. Most of the action was from 3pm until dark in our area with bear showing up at any time. Mostly young boars but we always seem to get a descent bear every year. The hunt is in the fall which does work with your schedule. If you go later in the fall you could likely enjoy some grouse hunting as well. Minnesota also has excellent fishing. The numbers are not as good as they used to be but my buddies that still go out seem to get drawn every other year and always seem to get their bear. Some of the state is No Quota. Not sure of outfitters working the No Quota areas. I would consider MN as a viable option over bait.
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