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This is what I use , deadly combo


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Jul 3, 2004
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these are my 3 Amego's, L to R , Excalibur Execot, 175# it has a long draw and I need to use a cocking device for practicing.Shoots at 317 fps
The center is my old Bear,shoots at 283fps, killed over 200 with it. 150# but not as acurate and the Excalibur or or the Ten Point on the right which is a 175# easy to use and hand to chest cocking.
. The Excal and the Ten Point are dead even as far as accuracy goes. I have to either shoot at different point or pull the arrow befor the next shot. The Kenitic engery is awesome out of all 3.
The heads I use are the best I have ever shot. They shoot like , I mean the same as field points, are Slick Tricks, 125's, their thick and with the engery I'm pushing I have pass throughs 99% of the time and they end up hitting rocks , but I have not had one break yet. If you shot one into a 3/4 plywood board it dose the same damage as a 12 gage slug.It is a 3 peice head 1 1/8th" wide and 1" long.
I don't know if any of you have given them a try yet but I highly recoment them for all game.
Nut, remember to always check you bow befor you hunt. Those will losen up fast. It took me a long time to get in the habit of checking my bow. But once I missed a real bruser because of a lose bolt and it cost me a 14point about 190 class.The deer what hit by a car 2 weeks later.
Dave and Nut, I am looking at using a crossbow this Deer season, I have a real nice bow, but I wiped out my shoulder a couple of years ago. Now it causes too much pain to practice with a compound bow. The Horton SL comes as a package if I remember for a reasonable entry price, that way I can see if this is the way to go. Nut, do you need a cocking device or do you get that boy of yours' to @#)(# it for you? :D
Crap, I didnt see the question Stud.

We have a cocking stap thing that my wife uses. It is sold by Hortoan for about $29 retail.(I got it for $7 clearnce :D )

I am able to pull mine back on my own.
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