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Dec 19, 2000
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Just wanted to post a pic of how big and fat some of these toads are out in this neck of the woods! This big boy produced over 350 pounds of boned out meat!
it looks more like it took 4 or 5 days to find him.......

geeeeeeeeez stick that with a knife and it will explode :eek: :D ;)

he's a hog though
BTW......I almost might want to delete this pic before Greenhorn see's it, cause he'll swear that it didn't weigh a pound over 682 lbs. :rolleyes: :D :D :D
That is a typical body size for the elk in that region...the antler mass doesn't usually get as big as ours here. But the bodies really make up for it if your a meat hunter...I helped haul a spike off of a mountain side down by Packwood Wa. and the smaller quarters were sitting at a little over 100lbs on the scale when we got them back home....Even at that big, it is amazing how they can just slip back into the extremly thick bush, with out much of a trace. And very quickly I might add... :D :D :D

Nice bull! I'm hoping to draw the Quinault
Ridge tag for the hunt in Oct. My brother drew it back in 2000, and all I think about
now is hunting those big rosys on the river
bed of the Quinault.
Big Creek flats is the name of the game in that area. I have seen some Roosies that would go in upwards of 340s. Real Toads. Huge bodies and huge mass. No bigger elk anywhere out there except Cat Creek Basin! The biggest I know of coming out of there was in the late 80s and went 378 green score!! WOW Not bad for a Roosie. Good luck on the draw!
First off, thanks guys for the welcome back!
This is the first hunt site I ever visited,
and still one of the best!
Ray, thanks
for the info on Big Creek. Thats axactly
where my brother shot his big 5 pt in 2000.
I heard its private property belonging to
Bruce Lutz, but its not posted. The biggest bull that year came out of a private pasture
right on the Quinault. It was a monster 6x6.
I've got a picture of it, so I'll try sending you a couple pics of the bad boy. I'm
guess he went around 330-340. Just my guess.
If I draw, I'll have to give you a call.I'll
be scouting that valley big time if I draw.
Those Roosevelts get some size. That thing is a fatty! You had a picture I saw a couple years back of a bull that looked even bigger than this one. Let's see that one again.
can't seem to find it but will keep looking in the archives. I know it's there somewhere.

This isn't him but he was a hefty one too.

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