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The Story of Brother Bears demise.........


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Feb 16, 2004
Boise, Idaho
Well I knew first off not to tell no one but with this being first bear figured hey how bad could it be, then I read Dead Bear..... posted by Moose-man and brother-in-law and found out quickly trust your instinct! Regardless here goes the story:

Here I was in the woods actually trying to get either elk, deer, cat, or bear seeming on how I had tags for all four, Elk had been main focus earlier that morning with me hiking up a cpl diffrent draws trying to locate an elk, being down on my luck last cpl years on trying to harvest first elk, had camera and pod set up cpl times trying to hunt and film by-self but no luck. I seen a small bear earlier that day not far from camp and passed cause I knew if I took it mom would have come out of the wood work sooner or later and teasing would be neverending so I walked away with my itchy trigger finger; Later that day I decided to go check a previous area where we had seen plenty of (elk)sign last year. With elk on the brain wasn't considering possiblity of walking up on a 2nd bear but low-and-behold I walk around a bend on the side of a hill and there were to big bright eyes aprox. 5 yards from me, with him blending in with the shadow and my eyes not quit adjusted was just bout to shat-my-self not knowing size, so water bottle hit the ground and away he ran seeing he was no monster but needing to make each time out count, due to videoing this fall said might as well take 'em still got 3 other tags to fill. Anyways I circled up around on top trying to cut him off but in doing so lost track of him in the brush, So I circle back around where I had spooked him and he had made his way back to almost same exact spot. I drew bow back and must have held 3-4 mins. waiting for a quarter and away shot and he was steadily working his way up when finally he did a about face and gave me the shot at 10yards, 100gr. muzzy zipped through and tuff little feller never made a sound, finally coming to a halt 20 yards away. I walked up on him with a good feeling and adrenaline still pumping and relized he was no monster but I got my first bear and Babys bear rug they have been wanting for cpl years now, regardless 4 foot nothin, and little over hundred pounds he was meat in the freezer. Mark my words next years will be bigger and better but for first bear I am satisfied. Thanx for congrats from everyone! Unicycle was a awesome idea wish I would have thought bout it at time

****Bear Pic****
well seeing how i never killed a bear im still giving shit cuz im family and got the right. so what momma do after u shot that booger off the tit?

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