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Fattest bear ever?


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Feb 3, 2011
Lubbock, Texas
I’ve been getting quite a few bears on trail camera on my place in Colorado, but this one just seems to defy logic on how fat he is. Like a cartoon character blown up like a balloon.

He seems to always be going downhill on that trail so no pictures from the front but he just seems like he is so fat he must not be able to walk very well.

Here’s a picture of a full sized doe coming back up the trail in almost the same exact spot about an hour later.
Of course the season is over for the year but I do think I may try to get a tag and spend some time there next September.

For perspective here are some bears that I have pictures of earlier that I thought were decent sized bears.
Oh well. I’m amazed at how round this bear is. I’m guessing the acorn crop in the oak brush must have been amazing for him to get that fat. Can’t think of anything else he could be eating to get that big.
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Oh wow!!! He is a fat ol bugger! You going to hunt him this Fall?
Too late. Season ended September 30th. Have to wait until next year. I do think I'm going to attempt it then. Fall hunting for bears isn't the same as spring hunting but I think I might have a chance as that particular spot seems to be a bear highway.