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Feb 4, 2021
The Donut Buck

Hunters have to be able to run.

A month before deer or elk season begins, I begin to do some running again. I do not like doing this. At 73, it is embarrassing, but I do my best anyway, up hill and down. It scares me. I think about my minor knee surgery a few years ago, will I do damage to myself?

I run more carefully now, not as far, nowhere near as fast, but I run. In the field I keep all my gear tight and tied down, ready run in second. Sometimes that is what it takes, gotta give all you got.

Two years ago I looked up a high hill, or low mountain, call it what you will, and there was flock of wild turkeys looking down at me.

My mind said going after them was impossible, my legs said “try”. I listened to my legs and a tom turkey, the very last one in the flock died. My legs were right.

Too many years ago, I was on top of this rolling grass mountain. In the far distance I saw two does. Looking with my binoculars, I could see one was a spike buck. Pulling out my fixed 20X Leopold spotting scope I could see a small fork,,,,a legal buck!

I really like feeling that raw hunter instinct take over,,,let it own me. My carnivore computer tracked the situation. I dropped my pack and ran my guts out along a steep slippery dry grass slope with just my 30-30. Chest heaving, lungs burning, my hunters instinct said stop right now. I dropped to my knees. Maybe 5 seconds later the buck and doe crested the ridge just started coming down, right into me.

I shot, they turned and were gone. The first run was a side hill, This next one was straight up.

I got to the top, dropped to me knees and saw nothing, just all short dry grass like Charlie Brown’s round head. My hunting partner caught up, running behind me. He was a half Tarascan Indian from the central highlands of Mexico. A fine lifelong hunter, lean as a plank, he brought my pack.

I did not know know what to do or where to go. Like a dog following messages people cannot see, he walked over to this one small patch of rabbit bush, maybe just 4 or 5 feet around, three feet high, he smiled and said “Venga Aqui”,,laying curled up in the bush, like a big furry donut was my dead buck.



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Jul 10, 2018
I have never been a runner, but i will walk a whole lot and walk stands at our towns football field with my pack.


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Dec 22, 2013
At my age I don't run. I'm happy to still be walking. I still hunt timber and have all my life. I can't remember ever having to run.

I just poke along now but give me time. I'll get there.


Dec 27, 2012
anyone who is honest and has done mostly or only running to stay "in shape" will tell you that is not the way to do it !

Weight Bearing Exercise folks ...... WEIGHT BEARING EXERCISE - running is for lithe girls, younger professionals and hunters being chased by bears ! And "running practice" ? Oh, don't worry, you'll remember how when the need arises !


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Jul 18, 2018
I can't run at all and haven't been able to since 1997. Long term side affect of brain cancer/surgery with stroke like results. Heck it took me almost 6 months to learn to walk again.. I walk pretty well until I get fatigued and then even walking isn't pretty..

So be thankful that you can still get it done at 73 but it's not a choice for everyone..

BTW I still do pretty well moving slow and steady using my glass and still hunting and stalking skills what they may be. I like to hunt more like a leopard than the cheetah..

I'm just grateful to be able to hunt at all..

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