The Block VS. The Hole


Jan 21, 2001
Wyoming MI, USA
Anyone shot these targets, and if so what'd you think? I've shot the block before and liked it so I've been thinking of picking one up, however the hole is less money and has a larger face to it. They are both the same design, so, is the hole just as good as the block? All help is appreciated.

Dan,we have been using one called( The Cube)
We have been shooting that one for over a year now .
Last night Steve bought the (Hole)NOT impressed at all.
He shot it last night using both broadheads and field points,it has foam already poking out,it didnt stop the arrow as good or pull out as easy as they clam.
It is less money, but we wont be buying another one.
I will be looking for (The Cube) I havent shot The Block target ,but for alittle more money if you liked it it might be a better choice.
Steve said he will only be shooting field tip at this new one or in wont last at all.
I went and dished out the 70 bucks for the block. It works good so far. It's not as easy to pull out of as my bag targets, but it wont deterioate (sp?) as quickly, or so i hope. I will only be using field points at this target so hopefully it'll last through archery season here, and with any luck into next season. Does the 'Cube' have the same layered foam style as the hole and the block?

Thanks for the help.
No, It looks like bigger chunks of foam and they are stuck together vertically.
Then on the outside is a solid piece of foam with dots to shoot at.
We have just now shot the center out and its been used alot,both Steve and I ,and at least three others that use it.
Keep us posted on how yours is holding up.
copy cat!!!!! the block is the original and will always be! the design can be copied but the material cant! ive still got the first one i bought two years ago! we used to stack cardboard the same way and compress it with 2x4's and long axle bolts ,we would shoot all four sides and then start to compress it with the bolts ,worked real good until the block was introduced! now im lazy and just keep shooting the block until it wears out!
That's good to know .
This HOLE target wont last long.
If you never shot anything but field points ,it might last awhile,but still not one I will be spending money on again.
Broadheads just pulls chunks out.
The cube & Block seem to be the way to go.
We have been trying to shoot alittle every night,got the bow's all tuned in with broadheads
:D Now just waiting for the BIG TEST ;)
progress report:

Arrows at first were more difficult to pull out of target than advertised, but since then it has become easier. No pass throughs btu i wasn't expecting any. Target wear is minimal, and no broadheads have been used as of this far on the target. Tomorrow i may use broadheads (expandables with practice blades). Hmmm, the test of time continues.

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