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Texas hunt for axis buck

Jack O'Conner

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Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
Based upon input from this forum and my own validating research, I booked with 777 Ranch west of San Antonio. Very nice place. The animals are born in the wild and live same as axis deer in Pakistan. This is not a barnyard hunt!

Summer is the best time to see the most axis bucks in "hard horn". But my guide and I covered a lot of ground and eventually found a decent buck to stalk. Very dry conditions made for impossible silent stalk. So we did a two man drive. I made a long circular hike to await the spooked axis deer. Didn't work out as planned. Next day we found the herd again and tried a different ambush spot.

Distance was approx. 130 yards. The buck never saw me. He was looking rearward to his backtrail when my 170 gr softnose tore through his chest. He leaped forward but toppled after 2 or 3 jumps. Good performance for my 30-30 Winchester.

This is the modern Legacy model 94 with angle eject and cross bar safety. I fitted it with a Leupold 2X - 7X scope from CABELA'S and sighted in 2 inches high at 100 yards using "on sale" FEDERAL Classic ammo. Groups at home showed first two shots nearly touching at 100 yards. Subsequent shots have a tendency to rise vertically on the paper target. But this is a hunting rifle and not a target rifle.

I had a great time and would recommend the 777 Ranch to anyone. You'll see many animals and will enjoy the comfortable quarters and friendly staff.
Can we bug ya for a picture and The cost of the hunt ? I hear 777 is a Pricey place, but good... ?
Cost me around $2500. not including taxidermy work nor travel costs. But I spent way more than that a few years ago for an elk hunt that turned bad. My horse slipped on a steep slope and crunched my leg. My rifle was broken in two pieces. I'm not blaming anyone, it just happened. But my medical costs and other factors turned into a spendy bill.

In contrast, this hunt in Texas was relaxing, fun, adventuresome, and rewarding. Brady Ranch in Florida offers the same package for $1500. but they explained that almost no hard-horned axis deer until this summer. I needed a break right now and decided to spend the extra bucks to "have it my way". No regrets.
My friend Ron L. checked the place out for me. He has a place near Cocoa Beach. Ron went on their doe hunt. 3 does for $1200. and told me he saw hundreds. Not thousands.

Ron also checked out the Brady Ranch with Florida Attorney General Office and Chamber of Commerce for complaints. None filed. This is good.

By the way, axis venison is outstanding!

Another Florida ranch I suggest is the Suwannee River Ranch. They offer a discount hunt for elk/European red stag cross. Although an un-authorized hybrid for record books, this makes an outstanding wall trophy. Price is a fraction of what you'd pay for a Rocky Mt. pack trip. Safer and more relaxing, too. Check out their web site.

Good hunting to you.

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