Texas hog hunt


I was called away from my cube before I finished my first post.
We are hunting the 3rd weekend of march, thursday P.M. through sunday A.M. Food is included (and she is a good cook). Went there last year and had a great time.Check out the web site for more details.
I can book you into a hog hunt if your place doesn't pan out.

Lodging with fully equipped kitchen and one guide is included. You will need to bring food. We will provide food to cook for $25 per person, per day.
Year round booking. These are two-day hunts. You may take unlimited hogs and coyotes.
Fee: $395
Child under 18 - $99 with paid adult.
This is a 2 day hunt. You may take 1 javelina and unlimited hogs and coyotes. Bookings are year round. Fee $699. Child under 18 may hunt hogs for $99 with paid adult.
Sj, I'll keep that in mind, alto I REALLY like to have someone else cook and have it waiting when I come in.

Is there a reason that your web site isn't hyper-linked?
Snake river rufus, If you guys shoot some big hogs like at the Lazyr web site, you should at least save the lower jaw with the bottome two tusks. Those tusks are big enough to make the record book for Records of Exotics and/or Safari Club International or Trophy Game Records of the World which all three have hog records scored by the tusks.

What did you get/see the last time you went there?
FWIW, just got back- total 8 hogs, 2 rattlesnakes and 1 javi. saw several hundred hogs and even more javilinas. Some shot poorly, some (me) only wanted boars. Still good food and good people.