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SPEAKING of NICE RACKS.... (mature people only)


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
HEre is a Postcard I got today........


WOW nice rack....
They said something about a muledeer where is it?Told you we grew them big here in AZ

Now I have an address to sign up for all sorts of porn mailing lists. SCORE!
Hey Oscar, I know Sal Corbo. He took every one of those pictures personally and he owns most of the heads on the calendar. Too bad he doesn't own other parts. Would you believe that he can't sell the calendars? Can't figure out why. :cool:

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 01 October 2001 22:41: Message edited by: danr55 ]</font>
I knew I should have Blocked out that part GREENY :D :D

But It isn't sent to my home or my actuall PO box Addy (Which I actually also Post here)so I figured it would be OK

Plus.... Make sure it's not your type of Adult porn greeny..... I like women.. not SHEEP :eek: :D

PS, I saw lots of people viewing this yesterday.. yet 4 posted.... :D just glad to see y'all awake !!!! :cool:
I'll throw a post at you Moosie...........after all, this one is worthy of my women and camo thread! :eek:

She is hot,.......but her kind always jusy want you for your rack :mad:
hmmmmmmm saw a few of those in WY in the nudie bars but they weren't that good looking well gotta admit after a week of hunting they looked better on the way home :D :D
Geeeez!!!!! I'd have mounted that! And if it weren't done right, I'd have done it over.
(Yep I'm picky too) :D WD
Rock Springs, don't ask me what the name of the place was tho ;) I had a taxi take me there and called another to take me back to the motel, I heard about them WY jails :eek: :eek:
Well......i cant say much for the rest of Wyoming but living here all my life I have seen the inside of the Rock Springs jail only once :eek: ....and it had to do with the place your talkin about...The Astro lounge and about 7 shots of crown :eek:
I just noticed something. That postcard is addressed to Moosie, but it's Moosie's handwriting. What's up with that?? :cool:
Dont worry about looking boys downunder we eat those young does and the one you have here looks real tasty.Nothing like a piece of young pink venison to please an old hunter. :D :D :D
hey moosie i know the guy that makes those calenders i get mine for free though maybe i can talk him out of an extra one when he comes here deer hunting in dec. they are some nice racks though deer aren't to bad either

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