Some of your first hunting experiences..


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Dec 9, 2000
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I remember hunting alot with my dad. Those were awsome times. I remember one hunt in Louisiana I believe.. I guess the location doesn't matter.. BUT We were walking down a dirt road and he kept telling me to be quiet.. We crept and It seemed I was always making noise. I was trying so hard (AS A KID) to be the best and make dad happy. Well... I stepped on a leaf.. A dry, old, crunchy, leaf !!! My heart almost stopped and I felt a sharp pain inside knowing I jsut made a noise... MY dad took one or two steps and stopped.. I stopped right behind him... I thought HE was PISSED... HE leaned over with a smile and said, "There's ONE leaf... Just ONE.. and you had to find it ..." We both started smiling a bit and I've learned to watch were I step from that experience

Anyway, I was jsut thinking of that and thought I'd see if Anyone else had a cool deer or hunting story ?!?!
My brother got me interested in hunting and dad took me out and hunted with me. Dad had quit hunting for many years, and started again with my brother and me. He worked shift work and took me out many an afternoon after school. That was when I was 14 years old and had to have an adult with me while hunting. He did this for two years and then I was old enough for the big game, whitetail deer. Dad never stopped hunting with us as we were growing up and needed an adult with us. He stopped the small game hunting for the most part as we could then hunt on our own but still needed an adult for the big game. Dad was always there to take us and share the moments with us. What I remember the most is my dad's smile when he went with us. It was a smile that I will never forget.

I miss you Dad :(
when i about 10 or 11 i was deer hunting with my dad my dad keep telling me to pick up my feet i was trying so hard not to make noise i was stepping on all the big rocks to try to keep up with him
it snowed the night befor so as we were walking i was eatting snow that morning
we were walking a hill top an my dad raised his hand for me to stop an get down so iduck down behine a bush i seen him raise his rifle to shot
all of a sudden i begain to throw up he turn around an look at me an laugh an said you been eatting snow well i mess up his shot at a nice buck so we went to the next hill saw some deer an since it was the last day he shot a small 4x4 as he tells it

(it is 4 inches long an 4 inches wide )
Most of my hunting befor i was 15 was hunting pheasants in Japan... It wasnt legal for me to do but dad always let me carry a shot gun...
The one I remember the best is when I was 10 or 11 we had just gotten a springer spaniel and he was about a year old this was his first hunt(with me) as well as mine (walking alone with a gun)... The dog went on point in a little clearing and I walked up to it... The pheasant flushed and I shot it... it dropped and the dog retrieved it (that dog never retrieved for my dad until then)..
I was pretty happy.... when we got to the base dad took it to a taxidermist and had it stuffed... I still have it here that was like 30 years ago.....

Here is a pic.. its not the ring neck its the bird about japan its called a yamadori(sp) its all copper color witha little white.. the tails are about 2 feet long. They live in trees mainly




One hunt I really remember is when I went out with my Grandpa in Kentucky. He had 3 dogs that he took also. We got up into the woods and he looked at me and said to "hunker down by that tree there". He sat down by a tree across from me and then told the dogs "fetch up". They took off at a run. After a bit we heard one barking. Grandpa just smiled. The barking continued for about 10 minutes and then a bit later I heard something coming toward us in the woods. The 3 dogs appeared and went to Grandpa. They then laid two rabbits at his feet.
I was awe struck by this. He smiled and grinned and was happy.

He then told me that was the answer to my question when we left the house.
I had asked my Grandpa when we left "If we are hunting why aren't we taking the .22 and a shotgun with us?"

Great stories guy's!!
I have lots of them when I was younger...
My first one though had to do with going out deer hunting for a week, two of my uncles four other cousins, an older brother and my step dad. It rained very hard the whole time we were out, as is likely to happen in the cascade mountains at most any time of the year. We had a great camp, lots of laughs. We all took long hikes up thru the mountains, mud lots of rain and at the time, semi-never ending misery. We didn't get any thing on that trip, but the memories of it were all good now. One of the uncles that were a little crazier than the rest, tossed a handfull of live rounds into the fire. That cleared the campsite for a bit. A couple hours later his son, figureing we didn't need the bug spray because of all the rain, no bugs. Tossed a full can of spray into the fire. That again cleared the camp. After it blew up, we all ended up by the fire and a couple seconds later you could hear the tink tink sound of the can comming back to earth thru the trees...
Yes it was fun...... :D :D :D
I suppose your right...It was my first year and these were my mentors....LOL :D :D :D
AAAH!!! The memories!!! :D :D :D
My Uncle was my hunting mentor. He took me rabbit hunting when I was 16. At 18,he took me deer hunting,for the first time.
That first year,he never let me out of his sight. I spotted a set of tracks in the light snow(with bare patches),and he directed me to follow them. I followed them carefully for almost an hour,with him just watching from behind me.
We finally came to a field,not far from a farm building,and I saw my prey,at last;A GOAT! He almost busted a gut,laughing. I was Pissed! He let me do that without advising me,like a "good" guide would.
Looking back,I know that he did the right thing. I've never made that mistake again.
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