SOLD- Kuiu pack- two bags (3600 and pro LT 5500)


Jul 5, 2020
I am offering my Kuiu pack for sale with two bags- asking $250 for the whole thing tempImagecwOFCd.jpg . It was purchased in 2020, it's the PRO suspension, Tall carbon frame, it's got one hip belt pouch. I got the 3600 bag originally and then last year got the 5500. Since the 5500 is the same weight as the 3600 (or even a touch lighter) I've just been keeping that on.

Everything is used but in good shape, the one issue is on the 5500 bag where the top cinches the grommet at the cinch spot pulled out. I've used it on numerous hunts and really like the pack. I got an Exo recently and did a side by side. I found the Exo to be slightly better with a heavy load, but the Kuiu isn't at all bad for my body. Certainly the best pack I'd had up to that point.

Buyer pays shipping and pays upfront. .