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So mtmiller, how did it go in SD?

Well he is wrapped and in the freezer. Just less than 24 hours after he hit the ground.

I never found the biggin I was looking for, but he will do.

It turns out the best buck I saw was also the first deer I saw. I looked for him yesterday morning, but he had vacated the small area where I found him Sat.

The deer I ended up shooting was the same one I rattled in Monday evening. It would have made things much easier if I would have shot him as he sat there confused at 50 yards instead of video taping and laughing at my buddy who got his gun hung up in a barbed wire fence as the buck came in.

I may have to change my plans for next year and come opening weekend. There were 165, 153 and a guesstimate mid-130 bucks killed in the area I can hunt.

I still had a blast. It is unusual for me not to hunt solo, but I had fun chasing deer with a couple of buds and I guess that is what counts.

BTW, he is just your typical 4-pt, 19" outside and 20" mains. He will probably score about 120". He was with a bunch of does and an ears width 5x. I am sure the 5 pt is happy now that he is knee deep in, uhm, well, girl deer.

I will post pictures when I get back to MT (like there was any doubt?).
MTMILLER is trying to set some world record for most deer killed in most states in one season. looking forward to seeing some photos of SD deer hunting.