Shotgun Question???


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Apr 28, 2001
I have an Ithica Mod.37 Featherlight 12ga. full choke..I was thinking of using it for ducks this year, but with having to use steel, or the other shot stuff, would it be ok to use, or do I need a new shotgun that will handle the new stuff??? I'm not in the market for a new gun if I don't need one...

Well you definitely don't want to shoot steel shot through it. But there are other alternatives now, I think one is called Hevi-shot, you might check into that. I haven't been into duck hunting for 5 or 6 years now so I haven't really kept up with the latest that is available. I have read that Hevi-shot is actually better than lead shot, but of course I am sure the price won't make you happy.
I would'nt shoot hevi shot or steel shot in a full choke. You may have trouble out of it.

I don't shoot anything tighter than mod.
Full choke- no good with steel. I am not sure about Heavi-shot and bismuth though. I shoot a Briley IM with my steel.
Looks like I'm going to have to take a trip to a gunsmith, with the shotgun...I've never heard of Hevi-shot but will look into it...Like I said, I don't want to buy a new gun if I don't have too..Thanks guys :D

I use Hevi-shot with a Super Full choke in a Remington 870. The only problem is the real possibility of missing at close range because of the extremely tight patterns. It costs right around two bucks per shell or a tad more. If you have questions get on line with Remington.
$2.00 a shot :eek: :eek: Thats about $40-$50.00 a box...Thats way out of my price for a box of shells.... I'll look up the Remington site Paws,,thanks

The most expenive shells with the Hevi-shot are probably the turkey loads. The lighter duck loads should be less money. You could also consider having a gunsmith shorten the barrel a little, which would reduce the choke, and you could then use steel shot, which is the most economical way to go. Back when I hunted ducks a lot, I almost always had my improved cylinder choke tube screwed in, and I used #2 or #3 steel shot. You'd be amazed at the tight patterns you get with steel shot using with an improved cylinder choke. Killing ducks up to 40 yards is not a problem. Personally I would never use shells for duck hunting that cost more than 50 cents/shell, which would be $12.50/box, and actually I think prices have come down so that now you can buy a good box of steel shot shells at Wal Mart for $8 a box. Hevi-shot would be great for goose hunting but a waste of money for ducks, in my opinion. But it's an option if you want to use that old Ithaca model 37 without altering the choke.
I dont agree that a full choke is bad with steel. I've killed many, many, many ducks and geese with an 870 wingmaster in full choke.

I'd take SRR's advice, if the barrel is .080" or thicker...pattern the gun and see how it does before wasting a bunch of money "fixing" what may not be broken...