Shopping for a Hot Tipi tent setup. Looking for opinions


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Feb 21, 2016
Been looking at some different tipi tent options out there. Right now I am liking the SO 8 person tipi. I feel like it will give me the best option as I hunt with horses and usually a buddy or 2. I really don't want to be cramped if I don't have too. I always plan on having a stove set up. This year I will be hunting with 5 guys and one the guys has an 8 man but it seems like it would be awfully tight in there with 5 guys, a stove and all of our gear. The most I ever hunt with is 5 guys. I guess the main thing I am looking at is space and comfort along with some portability during archery season. In rifle season we usually are hunting from our base camp but always have a time where we find elk 3 hours in. I just would like to have a set up that is also just big enough where if we get in deep and find elk and want to stay on them I could make the tent work for at least an overnight with 5 guys. I have looked at kifaru, nortent, luxe and titanium goat. Titanium goat peaked my interest but it looks like they might be out of the tent business? They had the Vertex 8, anyways maybe I am overshooting my needs, I am not sure.

Also with stoves the Lite Outdoors XL has my interest but SO makes a nice flat top stove that is just about 100 cubic in smaller but easier and more efficient to cook on.

Thanks for your time.
I think you are really going to be cramped in the 8 man. Also, with the 8 man or the 12 man you are going to be very limited on where you will be able to set up since of their large footprint. I would use the 8 man for 2 or 3 people and then rest pack whatever shelter they got. SO has a pretty good facebook group and Tim is active there and he will be able to help you out for sure.
I don't have any experience with an 8 or 12 man hot setup ( run a 2 man jimmy tarp Hudson) but I do have the Lite Outdoors 18" stove with baffle. The stove is awesome. Setup is easy ( don't forget leather gloves) no wing nuts to loose, draws nicely, packs down to nothing and throws a lot of heat. I don't cook on it as I pack in dehydrated food and only need hot water so the MSR gets the nod for that but you can boil water on top if needed.
You aren’t doing 5 with a stove with an 8 man. Ti goats shelters maybe moving over to They get good reviews on the poles and TI products, 8 can’t see him not doing the shelters right,

You can’t go far wrong with anything from SO or Kifaru.
Check out reliable tent and tepee I have a buckaroo type of tent and I love it one pole in two sections and 25 steaks. If your camping in timber you can tie it to a tree instead of using the pole. It’s a three man max. I use it when it’s early season and don’t need my 12x14 wall tent. I love my tepee so much it’s easy to set up I get a full camp in less than 30 minutes. Good luck on your search.
I agree the 8 man would be tight if you are planning on using cots and keeping all of your gear inside. If you were just rolling out a pad on the ground and a sleeping bag that would be a different story. I have a Cimmaron and use it through all seasons. When I want a cush camp in the winter I put a full size cot in there and it is perfect for just me and all my gear. I could do 2 people if we used ultra light cots like the ones Thermarest makes. Early archery we could put 4 on the ground in there without a stove but out gear wouldn't fit.
I really like my SO 6 man but I'm will everyone else, the 8 man is not going to be big enough for 5 guys especially with a stove.

I find the 6 man to be very spacious for 2 guys and all their gear if you are running the stove and using cots. It's a palace. I think going to 3 guys you need to ditch the stove or you might get by with the stove if no one used a cot. You could get it done but you are going to run out of walking space pretty quick.

The 8 man really isn't that much bigger than the 6 man. I think it would be good for 3 guys and a stove and all the gear.
Thank you for the reviews. I am pretty sure I have what I want. Anyone think I should definitely get a liner for fall hunting with a stove? How much more heat retaining ability will I actually gain with the liner and will I have to deal with condensation september through november if I am running a stove?
I run a Luxe Hexpeak XL. Nominally a three-man with no stove, fits me perfectly as a single with their WWW titanium stove and all of my gear inside. I also run the 1.5 man inner during my October/November hunts. Definitely helps with condensation and gives me one more waterproof layer. I think an 8-man would fit 4 tops and be a little cramped. 12-man would fit 5 comfortably with a stove and gear inside.
For what it’s worth…I went with an 8 man tipped and stove for one season. First, we had 5 people (three adults and two kids) in the temple around the stove a night and it was very tight. We slept with the (me, m wife and my son and it was tight. I really don’t think you could get five. The bugs were an issue. We had a crap ton of spiders in our tepee (this was on Utah San Juan Elk Ridge by the bears ears). I was shocked to see how big of an issue that was. Also, the way the tepee opened, it exposed a huge area if we would have had bad weather. It was warm inside and an 8 man would really be a two man for an extended hunt trip.

On the positive side, it was easy to set up very light. I had a four dog titanium stove, which was awesome!

If I were to do this again I would get Springbar hot tent set up. More usable room INO.
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