Sheep Talk


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May 24, 2007
There seems to be quite a few sheep hunters on this board. I'd like to talk sheep while I prepare for my hunt - gear, exercise, how to find sheep, etc.

I was lucky and drew a 27-1 tag this year. I been researching the unit dilegently. It's a tough unit with a few rams taken each year. From what I can gather, about half of the tagholders either don't hunt due the logistics of entering the unit or give up early due to the difficult terrain of the unit. I won't be one of those guys!

Here's my first question: Guide or DIY? I've had two knowledgeble sheep hunters recommend that I hire a guide. I'm having trouble justifying spending the amount of money I heard they will accept (below posted price) for a hunt. Nothing against guides, but I think I can do this myself. I have the kill locations for the last six years and I have GPS coordinates for the springs for the area from an elk hunter who has hunted it for 15 years. He also put an X on a map where they saw the three largest rams they've ever seen in the unit last year. I'm a hardcore hunter in good shape. I have one friend, possibly two who would go in with me.

The benefits of a guide is someone who knows the country, can spot sheep easily (I'll have to learn ) and I can almost guarantee myself a ram. Some of the cost of a guide can be offset by gear I won't buy as a DIY. This may be the only sheep tag I ever draw.

What are your thoughts?




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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I would probably not hire a guide. If this quote is true, you don't need to....

I'm a hardcore hunter in good shape. I have one friend, possibly two who would go in with me.
Get a cloth, wipe the sand out and go in and get you a RAM :D

Question before I answer..... is 27-1 " Miltons " area ?


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Dec 20, 2000
Just me speaking for me, but a 3/4 curl ram that I shot on my own would mean more to me than a toad shot where the guide did all the work.