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Oct 4, 2014
So I'm out hiking this weekend and come across a clearly poached moose. I call idfg to report it and was told if I didn't hear any shots and it wast very recent that there was nothing they could do. Literally didn't even get past the receptionist. Head cut off, meat and legs still intact and buried in a stick teepee. No attempt to even get the information I had which included GPS coordinates. I have officially lost all faith in idfg.
You have had a different experience then some of us have had. Did you try the C.A.P. line?
Call again; if you called the CAP line try the regional office where you're located
Head cut off and meat left in a "stick tepee"? Weird given they don't have any antlers this time of year.
I believe it was killed just before new years. Moose usually shed out before then as far as I know, I'm sorry I wasn't clear in op. But body is fully intact with legs attached to a carcass, besides head. Somebody covered it in sticks in a tp/tent form. Which I did not touch because I was under the impression it would be looked at by f&g. The carcass was in very good shape. I expected there to be a big predator on it or near it. I honestly don't even think one has found it yet. The skin and tendons had that dry leathery look,l. And also, it was on top of a small mountain that had small patches of snow still. I think it just unfroze in the last few weeks.
I think you are correct to suspect poaching and at least a "look-see" by F&G. However, it is always possible it was shot, wounded, got away, died and some sap like me came along and took the head. A cold winter could preserve things for some time. I wouldn't bother building a tipi over it though, unless I was trying to hide it from other pickers, but even then you'd think the tipi would draw attention; not hide.

It's a mystery. :confused:
I found a bull elk last spring that was likely poached in the fall. I called the MT Game warden and he came out and hiked back up the hill with me and took pictures and a DNA sample just incase more tips came up later. I would call the game warden in charge of the aria.

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