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scouting pics


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Aug 14, 2001
Hey boys, it's been a while, but I got that Spring itch... (her parents were hippies and she had crabs) :eek:

Been out chasin' furballs with my sticks n string. Had a good stalk on a 300+ lb blackie last night, but it busted me at 30 yards and spooked like a whitetail. (tested my lucky undies...) Got to watch a grizz family last night for 10 min., to boot...:D

? Where do you aim with a gun on a big bear??? Shoulders, lungs, head??? I wouldnt want to track a big wounded bruin...

Good work on your bruin, Boss. Sounds like you boys are gearin' up for a redneck jamboree in Canada have a goodun...

Here's a link to few photos:

and a youngun as we check each other out...

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Cool pic.....

I added the http:// to your addy so it would show the pic....

those other pics are nice also...

You're about the tenth basterd that comes back after being gone forever, MAKEING me say welcome back and all that crap. Were the hell you've been ? I searched 6 different states and even put your Ugly A$$ mug on a milk carton, Of course I shot at the milk jug then ;)

HAHA !! HEY Welcome back ya turd !!! COOL looking bear !!! They suck chasing them with a string and stick. I like the Big bang stick... Looks like you're still kicking butt and taking names on the trips though, And providing Awsome pics like usual !!!!

Next time, don't be a stranger.. 'k ?!!? :D
Thanks guys. Moosie - hahaa, milk carton...hey, my buddy just got a new lawn mower for his field & I thought of you Idaho's not a John Deere...but it's a nanny can borrow it if you get tired of yer sheep :D ...sounds like you had a good spring...Cool photos of that bear!

I went out again last night... Drove 45 min. to up towards a 7000 ft peak, where the snow on the summit is only a week old. I travelled back and forth glassing two grassy slopes that are just greening up in the drainage below. The big blackie was just coming out when I spotted him from about 200 yards. I started to close the gap, but the wind was swirly and he was nervous and went back into the dark cedar forest. I figured he'd be back and cirlcled around down wind.

When I got to about 50 yards, I spotted him on the edge up a ways from where he went in...he was staring directly at me...busted...I froze in full camo, partially shielded by shrubs, hoping I could fool him like most whitetails...he glared for about a minute and raised his snout to confirm his blurry suspicion...the wind shifted but I was still safe...then he gave that telltale headturn and pause where most bears bolt...but this king of the forest didnt run, but sauntered into the darkness knowing something wasnt right.

I figured he wasn't too spooked and would eventually be back for his favorite saladbar...I nestled into a good spot in the bushes that would give me a 30 yard shot if he came back...I tested my lucky undies as I raised my binocs and scanned the black pockets on the forest edge 40 yards away...whoa...back... :eek: that big black pocket is staring back...this time I knew I was fully busted...he was sitting facing me - no shot...I looked into his brown neck joe, with a big, black round, dinner plate of a head wrinkling on to his chest...he slowly turned and disappeared...
That is the heart stopping adventure that bow hunting is alway's about.....
thanks for the story!! :D :D :D
Elkchaser, nice 'toon :D Yeah, it's been fun, but if I don't close the deal soon.....I'll be divorced and spankin it......I brought out the 300 Weatherby a while ago, but only killed him once with the safety on.....I wanted to milk this season all I's my last hunting season of freedom.......I'll be a Mountain Man by the end of summer with my first mountain boy due in August... :eek: ... :D
Cool on the upcomming kid!!!
Thanks on the pic. Elkhunter helped me with it.... :D :D
Where in the NW ya at?? :D