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Mar 23, 2004
I just got in my .338 win. mag. for my moose hunt, and was wondering what opinions were on scopes. And don't say Swaro's!!!
I don't have that kind of cash to spend. I was thinking either Leupold VXII, Burris, or Weaver Grand Slam. Any opinions?
I own and recommend the Weaver 3-10x40 and Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40. Both have been reliable through all kinds of weather.
never had a leupold fail long as you go with a quality product i think the rest is preference and price. just dont go with a nikon buckmaster and think it is as good as the higher end nikon.jackfish where are those prices from
To me it doesnt matter on the manufacturer as long as the warrenty is good, and also water and fog proof. I'm switching over to all leupold but thats just my opinion. I would suggest a good middle of the road, something like the 2X8. Save the high powered scopes for prairie dog hunting.
FWIW, my .338 will be topped with either a Leupold 4x33 or 6x42 next year. I'm thinking simpler is better and with fewer moving parts the fixed power should be less prone to breakage.
I agree with 1_pointer.... Leupold fixed power scopes are an exellent buy... My .338 wore a Leupold M8 4x , which now is on my 9.3 x 62... There is another one on my pet .280 Rem...There's certainly enough magnification for shots on the animals the size of deer out to at least 400 yards... They are light, streamlined, optically excellent and don't make your rifle look like something that Buck Rogers would use to shoot lunar elk... I bought them for $125 used ( but like new) at gun shows..If anything ever goes wrong with them Leupold will replace them or fix them free of charge... The 6x42 Leupold is also an excellent value and would be my choice for open country...

All of my rifles have either Leupold or Burris scopes...they are both quality products and the manufacturers stand by them...
I myself prefer the variable power scopes in the 3x9 power. saying this I would go with the 3x9 Leupold VX11 in the 40mm objective.Nice to Have the options of power settings there when you need them. Can't beat there warranty either. Hope this helps.
Zeiss Conquest is the best scope in it's class right now. Before you buy anything, go to a store that sells a lot of differant manufactors and compare them side by side. Let the store manager go outside with you, and compare. Cant tell alot in the store under lights.

If you havent been scope shopping lately, your going to be surprised at what is out there!! Nikon's, Bushnell, Sightron, new VX's, Burris.

Shoot, even US Optics has come out with a hunting scope....sakofan..Good luck, and see, (no pun intended), for yourself!!!