scent locking?


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Jan 7, 2001
Northeast Arizona
i have questions about scent locking. do you use it? does it really work? does the detergent and soaps work as well as the clothing? if i were to get a scentlocked jacket could i just get the scent away spray and spray my pants and be ok? with the soapsand detergents how long does it last before you have to treat them agian?


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Jul 15, 2001
Twin Falls, Idaho
Some might call BS on this CC.......If ya gonna buy just the jacket go for the whole thing!!!!!! Or if he camo is too spendy(I know) you can buy the liner that goes underneath your camo $129.99. Make sure ya wash your camo with scent killer laundry detergent and let your clothes hand on a clothes line to dry and then bag it up in plastic to keep them fresh(I keep the scent-loc in the same bag). Also never wear your hunt clothes in a vehicle always change up wind from it outside of the vehicle only takes an extra 10 mins. Also do not smoke or chew while on stand(found out deer don't like copenhagen second AM on stand)Trust me I had deer down wind of me in 25 mph winds in a ground blind at a mere less than 1 foot away, I also have video to prove it. I use the HS Scents type of soap and shampoo along with there scent killer spray and deodarant. And I use the HS scents wash towelletes every AM especially if you can't shower everyday etc. Sounds like alot of work but well worth it when you see more animals than anyone else especially the BIG ones. I should have had 1 of 4 P&Y bucks but since my shooting skills with a bow was not up to par I came home empty. But I did see more and bigger bucks than the other 2 guys in camp put together, they kept getting winded and we decided to use ground blinds with me since I was scent free. Also a little baking soda for toothpaste will help with morning and coffe breath. Any other Q's fire away.

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