SaddleCloth: Does it work in the Rain

I have a heavy Walls parka in the waterproof saddle cloth - it is pretty nice. If you are working hard, you will sweat in it and it can only work as well as the environment will allow. If you keep working, you will stay wet. If that air is humid, you will stay wet inside - the rules about evaporation still apply.

Mine is a heavy parka, and it works for horseback riding in bad weather or sitting, watching a meadow. It is quiet and warm.
EG- Checkout the Alaska and Backpacking section on There's been a few discussions on raingear. Another place to check would be and see if they have any reviews. This is where I usually go first as the backpacking/climbing gear is generally light years ahead of hunting gear and I don't mind it not being camo.
I wear saddle cloth, I have a Cabelas lined jacket and pants, I wear them in snow hunting here in Idaho,I also have a pair of unlined pants I wear in rain, They do an excelent job of keeping you dry, you will sweat while hikeing. I just take of my jacket if i am climbing a mountain. But this stuff is good for keeping out the wind. when temp drops bellow freezing the cloth becomes kind of stiff,so if you go through brush it will make a litte noise. But over all I like it well. Also you can not hurt this stuff its tough like leather.