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re-loading shot gun shells????


Dec 13, 2000
Around the corner ,Indiana
I want to reload my shot gun shells.
I need to know the correct primers,wads,powder,and shot.

Can you please be very specific!
I want a shell that I could use for quail hunting or skeet shooting.
Boy Jason, I haven't loaded shotgun shells in a long time. When I did load them I used 800X and 71/2 shot for trap and skeet. I used Federal Gold Medal High Wall brass, and remington primers. I believe that we loaded 1 1/4 dram equivelants. We also used Pushin Cushions for wads. I do remember that your wad is matched to your hull. I would suggest that you get a manual and check it out. It's always good to keep plenty of reference material around anyway.

Dan AZ
It has been a long time since I reloaded for shotgun so I do not have any favorite loads that I can recall but I do remember I loaded mostly RedDot for the loads you are talking about. One thing I would suggset is if possible settle on 1 type of hull to reload, you will get more reloads from CFC's (compression formed cases) like AA's, RXP's, Blue Magics, etc. than from the shells with a cardboard base wad. This will also cut down on the different power pistons you will have to purchase. With a given load I used the same AA wad with all the above listed cases. If you load heavy loads do not be fooled into the "high brass is required for magnum loads" mentality. High brass was more to impress the shooter than anything useful to shell performance. I have load 4 Dr. 1 1/2 oz. loads in WW AA's that had been reloaded a half dozen times for skeet with no problems.

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Thanks again guys for the info. I have a 50 gallon garbage bag full of shells and thought it was time to start to think about reloading.

I do have a reloader...the progressive kind.
I dont recall what kind it is, Its in Fl and I am in IN right now.

I sorted through all my shells putting them in the same maf., piles and going to go from there.
Loading the ones first that I have the most of.

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