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Rabbit Hunting the hard way!


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Dec 23, 2003
White Mountains of Arizona
Now I don't get out and hunt them exclusively that much anymore, but I still love to bowhunt for the wasky wabbits. This last trip to Arizona we made it even tougher, as the ONLY spot you could aim for was the head. I finally got lucky with a whopper rabbit and took the pot!

Nice wabbit. What is that camo pattern you are using. Looks like it would be a good one for an area I hunt that was burned a few years back. Would blend in well.

Happy trails

Ridge Runner
That looks like Predator camo pattern ?

Nice Waskily Wabbit

We went out and chased them one but soon realized I should stick wit hthe rifle ;)
Ridge Runner:

Moosie's right (no really he is
) about the camo pattern, it's Predator Fall grey & brown. I've worn nothing but this pattern for a few years now and really like it.

You been taking any Blacktail Deer photos lately?

BOHNTR )))------------->
BOHNTR I wish I was but am back at work in the Middle East. Will be out this fall again though for some Blacktail in Cali and mule deer Idaho
Can't wait. Good looking camo pattern I'll look into some. ;)
You start getting many more like that and you will have to start taking horses in to pack the buggers out....Nice kill!!! :D
Congrats on the bunny, thats a great accomplishment with a bow. I usually use the truck. Also congrats for the article in Eastmans Bowhunting mag. Great story and pics.
Jeff & Trent:

Hey thanks guys I appreciate the plug. Been thinking of you Colorado boys lately and wondering what kind of sheds you've found. Been real busy at work and looks like I've missed some things going on in the cyber world.

I'm going scouting tomorrow to "the hole" to check on some of those dinky dog blacktails!
Well, at least I'll get some excercise. Post some pictures will ya!

BOHNTR )))---------->