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Poll Time

Put me down for a non typical.
I already have taken some does,spikes on up to some 4x4,now if I could find Mr non typical,I would be a happy camper :D
I would really like to kill a nontypical.
four years ago there was a monster whitetail with double drop tines I hunted him for 2 years archery and rifle but never even had a chance for a shot.I would watch him all through the summer then he would vanish in early september and would not see him much till he came to the silage in december he was a great buck.
in 1998 my wife and I were driving back from my parents house on christmas eve and there was a car accident up ahead and sure enough that big old monster was the deer that got hit I was so disappointed a great deer like that had to go like that.
now every year i start watching the fields for one off his offspring that might pull down some doubles but I have yet to see any.
I mostly hunt with a bow. But if I ran across one of those big old craggy looking animals. It would have to be taken..... :D
I just watched a video that had a 40+ nontypical and a 38+ typical standing side by side. In this case, I would take the nontypical.

the typical rack in this case was kind of twisted and the G2s were laid back and almost looked like drop tines.

Great video. Showed about 18 deer all over 30 inches. All on the same ranch in Utah...

non-typical here too! but i still have a weakness for symetry , like most of us we typically see typical rack configurations vs. non-typical which would make one real hard to pass up !!!

i will say that i have passed smaller, what i what consider a genetically inferior bucks or bucks who have endured injury with twisted horns, to take a more mature typical racked bucks!! just my pref.
A big smooth what ? Had me excited there for a second DK. Make mine a typical also please. I like em thick, and dark just like my women.

Well I'm not so picky but I think if I had the choice it would be a nice Non Typical with some kickers, I don't like a ton of trash but I do like a little. I only wish someday to be so picky..
I'd have to go with the industry standard, big honkin' 4x4 typical. But a big honkin' non-typical would light my fire too. Im easy to please :D
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