Podcast Episode #5


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Jul 29, 2015
I recently noticed there wasn't a post for episode 5. Of course, it's up on Randy's web site.

The conversation Randy had w/ Outdoor Life editor-in-chief Andrew McKean and Field and stream contributing editor Hel Herring was profoundly and consistently thought provoking. Hell, even my wife enjoyed it!

She and I listened to it on the drive out to my elk hunting spot as she joined me for the 5-day hunt. As an avid outdoorswoman -- and former wildland firefighter -- but not a hunter, she took exception to the idea that hunters enjoy a more vivid, integrated, participatory, and holistic experience of nature than do "non-consumptive" users. That kind of pissed her off.

But after she helped me track, butcher, and pack out a 5x6 bull elk I brought down 14 miles from the nearest road; after encountering a herd of elk on the trail out; and after hearing the bulls bugle as we broke down camp on the final day, she's come around to the truth: hunters really do enjoy a more intimate connection to nature and wildlife than any other set of outdoorsmen. And she told me hunting is more physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding than fighting forest fires!!!

Thanks, Randy, Hal, and Andrew for the great convo.