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Two dishes for my FIL’s b day. First was a sous vide, coffee rubbed, seared moose tenderloin. Finished with a black pepper cream sauce. Second was a wild rice, pheasant, chukar, homemade casserole (a throw back to the casserole’s that everyone made in the 80’s). Both turned out awesome!

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Last night I got a craving for Swedish meatballs. This looks similar but better! I just laid out a venison roast so I can make some stroganoff instead. Did you use a recipe?
Yes and no. Looked at one to get an idea of what I was doing and then winged it. It's pretty simple. Cook mushrooms and onions with garlic in butter then set aside. Cook the meat, add beef broth and Worcester sauce and simmer for a bit. Make a slurry with flour and broth and stir in to the meat, add the mushrooms and onions back in and let it thicken. Add sour cream and spoon over noodles. Season to taste, of course.
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