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PLANNING for Hunting


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
So How does everyone PLAN ?!?! I have a hard enough time to hunt Idah oand Plan when there is a over the counter tags.. Alot of you have draws.... HOW do you plan all your hunting and how far in advance do yo do it ?!?!
Here in AZ i dont plan on nothing until I have the tag in my hands.. After the draw is over then I do lots of scouting... Sometimes one of my friends or I will come up with the idea of going to CO to hunt.. its all spur of the moment "hey Lets goto co next week" and we leave.... kinda sucks owning your own business...

Here in Washington the tags are over the counter.We do have draws for special hunts and sometimes the areas are draw only so you can get a really good hunt.I dont do much planning here just scouting.
I dont do much planning. I go on hunts and plan hunts at the last minute.

Like 2 years ago. An idea was brought to me to do a caribou hunt out of iliamna. this was thursday afternoon. Friday morning I was on a plane out to iliamna for the hunt. My sheep hunt last year was about a months notice I think.

Between me and my friends or wife (who ever I go with), its always "whatcha doing this weekend?" or "whatcha doing for the next couple of weeks?" Thats why I keep my pack packed, and my raft inflated ready to go.

My bear hunt in tok next month I was told that I was going by my friends (nice friends huh) about a month and a half ago.
Hell I'm planning for my hunting year round, and always options b, c, d....through z. Hell moose nuts, I'm actually planning some for your hunt if I can go with. I hope to be high fiving you after you drop elkasaurous.
Like mentioned before, I don't do anything until the draws are over. Any OTC hunts are spur of the moment. I try to scout, but it's hard to find time. When there is time during the summer I'm either fishing or at the's hard to say no when Newport is calling! :D

But out of state hunts (if I draw) I'll do a lot of research, calling the G&F, getting maps and things of that nature. My partner and I split "research chores" so it's not too bad! But we have fun and are mostly successful!
I usually put in for New Mexico (draw)or colorado (over the counter)for my elk hunt and go to South Dakota for my deer hunts. I start planning for the elk hunt in April and dont have to do much for the SD hunt. The SD hunt is a given, the deer are there I just have to get my gear together, actually it already is because its after the elk hunt. I am 100% for new mexico when I have drawn (one 6x6 and one 5x5) Hope to do as well this year!! Colorado take alot more planing, I used to guide there but there is a new owner of the property I used to guide on so I hunt some public land adjacent to it. I have to line up horses ect. so its alot more work but thats part of the fun!! tight lines and bloody arrows!!