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Picture of my Bear from Idaho


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Dec 29, 2000
Phoenix, AZ.
Here is the picture of the bear I got with my bow while hunting over bait in Idaho with Clint from Buckshot outfitting. It is a 5'6" squared, old female (dry) bear and I harvested more for the color than anything else. I thought it was a good color and I already have two other bears with other colors. I shot the bear at 6:20pm after she came to the bait and she had just winded me and was about to leave. I harvested this bear the same night that the bear that my wife saw came in. Keep in mind when you look at animals I pose with that I am 6'5" tall and weigh around 255lbs. For some strange reason when I see pictures of me with the animals and then I see others that pose with them they always look a lot larger with the other people posing.
Happy Hunting
Steve,we have hunted the Lemhi zone. Havent taken anything out of there (other then antelope). Its kind of a new place for us that we have just started checking out.
Steve bow hunted there in 99 and then last year we went back, but Steves mom had just died and then our son got real sick so we had to bag it after 2 days. I think we are going back this year to give it another try.
Hey Steve,

Glad to see the pictures turned out OK. Mine are still in the camera so don't know what I got. I gotta tell ya though, you're an outfitter's nightmare....it doesn't matter how big the critter you kill is, it's going to look small in the picture next to you!
It's just like your lion, the picture with you and the lion makes it look not so great, but when a runt like me gets in the picture it starts looking pretty darn good.

Cherry and I sure enjoyed having you and Corey stay and hunt with us. The best part of this business is getting to know and hunt with great folks like you guys. Looking forward to our next hunt.
Rthrb-- Nice Bear, Congratulation. Buckshot. When you get those giants for hunters try making them lay down about 30 feet from their animal. LOLOL Are you going to full mount or just rug your bear rthrbhuntg?
I dropped the bear off at a taxidermist freind of ours in Montana and told him to decide which would be best. I really wanted my wife to get the big one for an idea we have for a full body mount. Probably rug him or half mount coming out from the wall. I need a pretty large bear for the idea we have.
Thanks for the replies.
Rather bung dung, (Yaknow I'm just joshin' ya RIGHT steve :D:D)

NICe bear. You are a BG man,. Sorry I called you a little squirt... Or did I ever post that.. Errrr Never mind.. *WINK* Glad to see a pic after the animal is harvested. What ya should have done was sit on the bait all night Scaring bears away.. Then They would come in the Dytime when They weren't bothered :D:D:D

GLd you conected.. Idaho Has toooo MAny bear.. I jus wish I was skinning on out this year too !!!