Picked up some elk tags today

It is a predation hunt in Grand Teton National Park the week before Thanksgiving. The total cost for a non-res hunter is $220. Every hunter for this hunt mest carry pepper spray and a Hunter Safety Cert. on their person.
Ok That is the one I would like to get Kevin to go on but He cant do it.... I tried to talk him into it but we are going here in Oct.. Good luck to you guys, Maybe next year...
Thanks for getting our tags lined up for us. Someone from Wyoming fish and Game called my friend Mark at work yesterday with questions about our applications. It wasn't anything that couldn't be resolved over the phone, but it made Mark's week to know he definitely has a tag. He was awfully excited last night when I talked to him. I'm going to have to keep an eye on him. I think he's getting elk fever already.

Thanks Elkhunter...Now all I have to do is nail down a place to stay
, and get ahold of the Jazzercize people back there

Erin is hoping to have her paper work to you by the end of this month..