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Pennsylvania ELK


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Nov 21, 2001
I just applied for PA elk for this season.

It is cheap....10.00 for the draw....250.00 for the tag, if you draw....and 101.00 for the license, if you draw.

Chances are better to draw the AZ tag though....last year in PA there was 30 tags available and 50,000 applicants, and there are only 5 tags available for non-residents.
This year there are 70 tags.
That's terrific! I've been watching the PA elk situation for many years and hope their success will spread to other Eastern states.

The MO Dept. of Wildlife has run into a lot of opposition on bringing in elk. I think the main reason is that people are afraid of car accidents. Well, that's something we live with out West, especially near the winter ranges for a few months.
Alot of those PA elk came from AZG&F Dept... They had a show a few weeks ago on tv showing the capture and release of them...

Good luck flipper
We have a grand total of 140+ elk here in Tn and I think they came from Canada.

There have been 27 found dead, related to stress, vehicle collision or other.

It will be many years before we have the chance to hunt them though.
Drawing is held September 28

Online apps accepted till September 13

Mail in apps accepted till August 23
Flipper, just think, if you get drawn, maybe you can hook up with Doug and use that new ATV he has
I really like the fact that they have been planting elk and turkeys every where..That way every one can eventually hunt them and that will take the pressure off in those areas with the largest concentrations...I sure hope that they start putting Grizzlies and wolves on the east side of the Mississippi soon..That way those residents can also have the joy of seeing these majestic creatures next to their homes and by their schoolgrounds and what not...LMAO...soon enough. Some one will bring up the idea and I hope it's around the city of N.Y....Maybe even in central park....LOL!!! :D :D :D :D
ELKCHSR we have had Red Wolves reintroduced here in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

Its been 3 or 4 or 4 or 5 years now.
Flipper.....The Red Wolf reintroduction into The Smokey Mtn. National Park was ended in 1998. Apparently there was an extremely low pup survival rate and they just would not keep within the boundaries of the park. The only successful reintroduction of the Red Wolf that I am aware of, is still in North Carolina, at the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge just off Albemarle Sound in Eastern NC. They say there are about 100 wolves there and they seem to be doing fairly well.
ELKCHSR,I don't really know how wolves would taste,but if they are anything like their smaller cousins the fox-aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!
Do They Smell!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: I've shot alot of fox & racoon,and I never like to waste anything,but could never find a use for FOX,once it was skinned. PEEEUUUUUU !!!!!
The racoons are really good tasting.How bad does a Yote smell when you skin it out?


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I hope you get one of those tags Flipper. Pa has had elk for a good many years now. The elk are free roaming and are centered up around Clearfield county on state lands, I believe. Last year was the first hunt and the sucess rate was pretty high. I don't think population control is the reason behind the hunt, more likely the Pa game commision has just realized how much cash they can make by selling a few tags.

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