P&Y Convention 2015-Phoenix


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Dec 23, 2003
White Mountains of Arizona
Anyone attending the P&Y Convention this April (15-18) in Phoenix? It will be a great convention with many bowbenders throughout the nation and other parts of the world where bowhunting is popular. I leave this Wednesday (25th) for Phoenix to conduct the panel measurement on all the top heads submitted for the recording period. There will be some EXCEPTIONAL heads at the show.......especially a Mule Deer that just may challenge the current P&Y world record. We'll see where it ends up after panel measurement.

If you've never been to a P&Y Convention, you should truly plan on attending at least one of the days. There are numerous seminars throughout the week, lots of vendors and outfitters, golf tournament, and one of the best trophy displays imaginable. I look forward to them every other year. If you decide to go, let's meet up and I'll buy your drink! (I drink water, but that doesn't mean you have to) :)

Here's a link for additional information: