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Opening day


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Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
Put 10 hunters in the woods today.5 of them see a total of 11 bears one shot and missed and another one shot a nice 255# boar.Not bad for a rainy lousy day.The one that shot the 255# bear had 5 in sight when he shot.1 sow with 2 cubs A 200# one he was ready to shoot and the big one came in so he took him.

But I think Maineiac had the hunt of the season Congrats again Maineiac :D
Not a bad start Tobey.Do you realize your hunters saw more bear than are probably in the whole area I hunt?? Man you have some game up there.
I finished the training season real good.Treed 3 out of the last 4 times I hunted.Got out run the other.Struck one from the truck but the others came from one bait. I have 8 baits out now and only one being hit.5 of them had bears on them at one time and they are all 3 or 4 miles from each other.That one bait has multiple bears on it and is the worst looking location of them all for a bait site.Go figure.
Line up some good ones for us OK?
Congrats Tobey!! Sounds like you are off to a good start. How wide would you guess the pad on the front foot of the 255# bear to be? Can you judge the weight fairly close by looking at a track? If not what is a good weigh to judge the size of a bear w/o ever seeing them?
LOL LOL Big Sky.Of course we thinkin of ya.I went from a bearhunter to a bearskinner in 1 day.Guess thats what happens when ya have a lifelong friend who runs a custom slaughterhouse and suddenly finds himself single and still fairly attractive to the gals at 40.LOL He says he just makin sure I'm in shape for moose season sept 24th.Skun a couple today,young bears 127 and 143 lbs.I been thinkin of all of ya's.
Heck Tobey,
Thats more bears than I see in a season down on the lousy rainy day :D :D :D My heck I wonder what a good day is Keep it up !!!!!!