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Old sketch Bayd bear


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Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
Neat picture Tobey but all I see are blueticks and redbones in that pic, wheres the walker dogs :D :D :D
I think the walkers already had this bear treed and they turned some red and blue dogs in to the tree and let them have the jump out !!!!
I think this pic was done before the walker dog was discovered LOL :D Now are them redbones or plotts Gatto ;) ;)

I think I would feed all 4 dogs watever collor they are :D :D

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I would agree with Tobey on that one, send in all the dogs!! It is doubtful a bear that size would be very easy to get up a tree! bcat
Would love to send in all the dogs Bcat :D :D But up here in Maine we are only alowed 4 at a time on bear. ;) But I have treed 400# bear with just 2 walkers
Dont know nothing about bear hunting with dogs Tobey!! :D :D I heard the bigger 500 pound bears dont tree well. THe bear on the sketh looks like a very large bear to me compared to the dogs, but its just a sketch. Too bad ya cant use more dogs. Thats a dumb law! bcat
It is a dumb law,And makes it exstreemly hard to train yung dogs.We only have the month of August to train on bear.When the kill season opens I got hunters so I am terning loos hounds I know can get the job done not pups.

You are right about treeing them big ones
:D Most of them get shot on the ground.

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