NV 111-112 Cow


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May 31, 2018
Forum Folks!,

Still a new hunter here, but somehow I got lucky and drew again! Last year was my first year in the mountains of 061 and got a Cow Elk! I am a NV resident and active duty who finally got station back in the state. I was blessed enough to draw a early Cow tag 111-112 area. I have yet to put boots on ground out there as I live in the Vegas area. I do plan on a few scouting trips though. I talked to a few folks and everyone says hunt off Success Loop, but that seems like it could get rather busy. From my map work, I am leaning towards The Kalamazoo area or down around Cave Lake area. I know there is alot of wilderness area which is tough going. I am in good shape, and have a 4x4. A few questions for those that know the area....should I set up a trailer as a base camp and go from there, or do more of a spike camp? The season is Sep 20-Oct 4, the temps will still be a little warm, and I know they will be up high? I am going to use my 7mm RM Mag and get comfortable out to 500 yrds. Any other tips, locations, or things to consider. I have got all the BLM maps and OnXHunt for my area. Last year I was in the 061 area with a ton of snow, this will be a whole new exerience. Thanks!