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Bill M

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Dec 12, 2001
How did you guys do this morning ? Brian and I went squirrel hunting, it rainned last night so we were wet from the waist down because of the tall grass. A black squirrel the size of a half grown coon ran up a pin oak tree. I walked around the tree trying to get him to move around so Brian could get a shot but know deal. I knew what limb he was on but the bark when wet is jet black like the darn squirrel. So he said he wanted to set and wait him out. The mosquitoes were out in full force so I said go ahead and I was going on up the creek. I heard two and seen two fox squirrels but never got a shot on any of them. I went back in 40 minuites to get Brian he looked like a pin cousin there must of been 20 or more mosquitoe bites he looked like he had red quarters glued over his face. I felt bad but he said he didn't need and mosquitoe dope. So I said lets try another spot. Ive had enough he said so we called it a day but it was 10:30 by then and the activity was slowing down. For two guys hearing and seeing as many as we did and still come home skunked is pretty bad but we had a good time any way, Bill
We got a later start than plan. I had to stop and get some shells for my 12 gauge (which I do not use LOL)

I guess the pressure at La Su An has been heavy because nothing was flying. So we did it the old fashioned way. We walked the fields just like we was after pheasants. We ended up with 4 and had chances at about 10 more. I almost stepped on one and it flew slowly up in front of me. I didnt even bring the shotgun up because I was so surprised.

Codie and I also saw 3 turkeys in a field but Martin and Dale saw around 20-30 in the other field on their side of the field.

I saw a coyote and we did kick up a few pheasants also. But we didnt see one squirrel.

Hey I know exactly where that Charles Daly scope is. ;) :eek:

I will be giving you a call because I received the paper work for the Mercer Waterfowl hunt. :D