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Nosler Accubonds for Elk

Autumn Pulse

New member
Jan 5, 2004
Seattle, WA
Did anyone bag there elk using the new nosler accubond this year? I have some 225's loaded up in my 338 Ultra Mag and they shoot great out of it, but I have not been able to try them on game yet.

I have been somewhat of a partition fan and use them in my 300 Win with great success. I also have used the Swift Scirrocos in my 7mm but I will be changing soon. After seeing the scirrocco's performance on game under 100 yards, I was not impressed. I thought I would try the Accubonds in my 338 RUM because there is more mass to the bullet and because they are from Nosler, a name I trust. They shoot great, but I have not heard any feedback from those who have killed any elk or deer with it.

Have any of you done so, or know of people who used it this year? Feedback would be appreciated.


Autumn Pulse
I would guess that the new Nosler's perform about the same as the Trophy Bonded Bearclaw, since the manufacturing process is about the same. They should perform well on anything you shoot with them. I would try some tests on wet phonebooks if you have a concern.. Given the caliber you are shooting, I would try four phonebooks soaked with water at about 50 yards. If the bullet does not come apart, then you should be OK.. I would be willing to bet, given the test reports that I've read, that the performance should be better than you would expect.

Accubonds differ from a TBBC in that they don't have a solid copper shank. John Barsness tests with the .308 and .338 versions showed they they penetrated/acted VERY similar to Partitions of like weight. When I asked he stated that he had now doubt that there would be any trouble in breaking both shoulders of an elk using the .338 version out of my .338 Win Mag. I've also read that the design restricts expansion to a certain point so as not to 'pancake' and limit penetration, which some have complained of in other bonded, polymer tipped bullets.
Sorry, I don't have any first hand experience, but from what I've heard, performance is very similar to the Partitions. I am thinking about trying them in my 270, but first I am trying the Barnes Triple Shocks.
Autum Pulse,
Are you getting decent velocitys with the Accubond ? I tried them in my .338, and the accuracy was impressive, but they averaged about 80 fps slower than 225 partitions with the same charge. I would have ended up with the same trajectory at long range because of the slower MV, so I decided to stick with the partitions.